We're expecting triplets!

2018 is turning out to be a year of milestones! 

Our wedding was beautiful and so much fun (I shared a couple early pictures in my daybook, and am looking forward to receiving the collection from our photographer so I can detail the whole day).

In crazier news, we found out several weeks ago that we're pregnant...with TRIPLETS! And now that the news is out, I can't wait to begin sharing the progress over the next few months.

I'm currently 15 weeks. We found out the big news around week 7, and I've since had 3 ultrasounds. Of course, since this is my first pregnancy, I'm learning everything as I go. When I had the first ultrasound, knowing only at the time that I was pregnant, I was most surprised by how long it lasted. My technician was not allowed to disclose any info, but looking back, it's clear that something was...different. When Chuck and I finally met with my doctor, I was more than a little nervous. Immediately after we sat down, she slid the print-outs across her desk and announced, "well, there are three in there!"

I can't exactly remember how I felt. Shocked, definitely, but also a little batty. I remember thinking this is hilarious. Surprisingly, laughter has been the most common response from our friends and family, once their jaws have finished dropping.

 Seven weeks

Seven weeks

For me, it took a few weeks for the reality to set in. I had some morning sickness, but for the most part, aside from being profoundly tired once I got home from work (which wasn't totally out of the ordinary), I felt relatively normal. 

I learned at my next appointment that my regular OB wasn't equipped to handle multiples (aside from twins), and my care was therefore transferred to our hospital's Maternal Fetal Medicine division, which has been a good but eye-opening experience so far. The new team of doctors spent a lot of time covering all the risks associated with triplets, without a speck of sugar-coating, and my anxiety was kicked up for a long time after.

At our 10-week ultrasound, I was so shocked to see 3 baby-shaped figures, wiggling and flipping all around, despite barely feeling a thing.

 Ten weeks

Ten weeks

Since then, the main feature of my pregnancy has been my ever-increasing size. By the time I was out of my first trimester, I had an obvious baby bump that continues to grow by the day. Our most-recent 13 week ultrasound confirmed how quickly Baby A, Baby B, and Baby C are growing. It took a long time to get good pictures and correct measurements for all three. We took two breaks and even switched technicians when the first couldn't capture the images she wanted. Baby B, the one in the middle position, was so squirmy and wild that we never did end up with a clear picture. Fortunately, we left with the knowledge that all babies were growing and healthy.

 Thirteen weeks

Thirteen weeks

 Thirteen weeks

Thirteen weeks

We're 5 weeks away from learning the genders. We're absolutely finding out, as long as Baby B cooperates!

My symptoms have been surprisingly more noticeable during this second trimester. Aside from a growing belly, I've been even more tired, and struggling with headaches. I was expecting some crazy cravings, but so far, there hasn't been anything odd. It's one of the biggest questions I've heard from friends and family (and strangers!) since finding out I was pregnant: "What are you craving?" Unfortunately, it's nothing exciting! I've mostly been (very) hungry for the things I've always loved--potatoes, dairy, and Chipotle. I also dearly miss coffee and beer.

Overall, we're both so thrilled. We know that our world is going to be turned upside down very shortly, but for now, I'm enjoying my pregnancy and looking forward to every milestone.

The tapestree project etsy shop

I'm very excited to announce that after several requests for the patterns I use in my tapestree project, I've decided to open an etsy shop with my designs.

The first listing is a "starter pack" which includes the pattern for the framework of the base ornament, tips for getting started, a model of frame combinations, and an easy back-stitch alphabet. You can click here to access it directly. There are also links to my main shop in my sidebar and via the top navigation.

I plan to add more ornament patterns periodically, including the one I used for my most recent fall addition..


I've always loved fall, but it seems to be hitting me especially hard this year. I know it's taboo to start "celebrating" too early, especially since everyone is pumpkined-out by November, but with Pittsburgh winters being so long and so gray, I'm happy to extend autumn a little longer.

I will continue posting stitchy freebies as I can find the time to create them. 

I hope everyone has a lovely holiday weekend, with lots of time for stitching. Thank you for following my tapestree journey this far—I am so grateful for your friendships, comments, and inspiration.