Other WIPs

I started on Providence by The Sampler Company a couple weeks ago when I was procrastinating on doing anything with the tapestree. 

I replaced most of the threads with over-dyeds so far, except for the greens, since there are a bunch within a few shades. I love the border so far. The fabric is 40ct Lakeside in vintage lentil.

I'm still adding bit by bit on Paradise Lost. This has been a forever WIP, but I am still in love with the giant center tree, and the tiny bird chilling on one of its leaves (even though it was over one thread on 40ct).

I also restarted Blackbird Designs' Anniversaries of the Heart series on a different fabric. These charts are still some of my favorites and I wish I had more time for them because I love them so much, but I'm happy I finally got it going again. This is also a 40ct vintage Lakeside, I think the color is Pecan Butter.

We're heading out to the fair today, and I'm so happy to have a long weekend. Hoping to finally update the Journal more frequently for everything non-stitching. Happy 4th!

South Side


I finished my circle in honor of Carson Street, and I love it. I couldn’t chart this, unfortunately, because stitching it was a PAIN (tons of quarter stitch, half stitch, stitching on top of stitches) and probably would’ve taken longer than the actual cross stitch, which I somehow finished in about eight hours.

I modeled the buildings off of a grouping on 18th Street. 

I swear the last time I got a good look at the building on the far-left, the accent color was blue. 

It seems like every time I hit a major life stage, it’s in some way attached to the South Side, even aside from the times I’ve lived there. It’s always been my favorite place in Pittsburgh.

The Tempest


The meaning behind this one is kind of personal, but the lines are from the very end of the epilogue of The Tempest:

As you from crimes would pardon’d be,

Let your indulgence set me free.

I want to get back into the bubble, honeycomb-ish formation, though this weird detour with the scattered motifs was probably appropriate considering where I am right now. I was hoping to fit the above lines inside of one, but even considering how small the text ended up being, I could not make it fit for the life of me.