Little sugar


It's been a month since we found out our little guy was acting so strange because he'd developed diabetes. Today he spent the day at the vet for a glucose curve, and even though his numbers were still a bit high, it feels like we may finally be at a point where everything is calm and normal again. I'm not as nervous about the daily shots, which means Velcro isn't as nervous about getting them. Always an adventure with these pups! 

Growing a garden

We're finally settling in to our new home, and now that I can catch my breath, I've been planning our gardens. Since it's late summer, there isn't time to make as much progress as I'd like, but we can at least set the framework for spring. 

Two of my favorites are in the ground--lavender and yarrow. I'm still new at gardening, and am not too familiar with the soil yet, but I'm hoping for big lavender cuttings next summer!

This is a small patch in front of our house that was bright green grass a week ago! Chuck is killing it off and plans on digging it up soon so we can turn the whole area into a garden.

We're making progress! 

Love songs

It still amazes me that I can hear a new song on the radio while driving home from work, ask my phone to identify it, and then play it back over and over again for the next hour while I cook. It will never not be incredible.

Anyway, I needed a new love song today, and I got one. Say You Won't Let Go is really great. Perfect for sitting back and having emotions.

How to Read a Dress

I came across this article yesterday (an interview with Lydia Edwards, author of How to Read a Dressnow in my NEED list), which led me to this Instagram. 

My favorite fashion era (currently) is the 14th century, and I've sewn a few linen kirtles for fun. I love the history of dresses, especially the materials, and the stories of the women who wore them.

Beauty and the Beast


I came across this image online today (it's a Walter Crane illustration from a 19th century Beauty and the Beast) and got smacked in the face with deja vu. I must've read this when I was little, but too long ago to remember if I had the book, or a collection, or found it in my library.

Anyway, the new movie is really great. I wasn't thrilled with Emma Watson but Chuck thought she was perfect. I think my favorite song is still, strangely, Kill the Beast.