On Charlotte Brontë

I've been preoccupied with Jane Eyre over the past couple weeks, and will probably be stitching something related to the novel soon. There's a great article here on Charlotte Brontë and some of her personal items. I've gone back to it a few times—it gives a good idea of her character.

(Completely unrelated: I also love this article on Sisi, Empress Elisabeth of Austria.) 

No flavor


I started getting really into coffee around the first time I stayed with my sister in NYC. We visited about a million little independent coffee shops, some of them so hidden and modest I would've walked right by if she hadn't guided me.

Up until then I hadn't had many lattes that weren't pumped with syrup, so I was kind of lost when most posted "No Flavor" for their coffee. 

Since that trip, my sugar intake has likely been cut in half, because the taste of bare espresso became my favorite thing. Also I wear more black.