Butler Fair

Yesterday turned out to be really beautiful. I've been hoping to find a local church since moving a few months ago, and lucked out with one pretty close by. The service was perfect, so I'm looking forward to going back next weekend. 

We spent the rest of the day at the Butler Fair eating really awesome and terrible food (e.g. a pumpkin funnel cake that was dripping with icing). It's been a crazy relaxing long weekend so far. We're still finalizing plans for tonight, but hopefully heading into the city for fireworks!

This year

Recent changes:

  • Less writing, less cross stitch, less TV.
  • More bills, more working, more sleep.
  • Less social media, less stress, 
  • More more confidence, more relationships, more traveling.
  • More blonde?!

Some are good, some need adjusting, overall positive.

I'm finally happy with the design of this space, so hoping to write more soon!